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Have You Tried Tactical Boots For Warm Weather Hunting?

Why is it that we so often forget about the most important piece of gear for every hunting trip? For some reason, it seems like it's just too easy to focus on things like choosing a new camo pattern or picking out a new accessory to help film your next hunt with. Don't get me wrong, both of these things are important to consider before heading on your next adventure, but having the right set of boots on your feet is going to allow you to focus on getting the most out of your trip from start to finish.

If you're hunting in a warmer climate, like Texas or New Mexico, there's seriously nothing more critical than having a lightweight boot that has enough support to overcome some really diverse terrain. Though a lightweight hiking boot might work well, having that support and coverage over your calf is nice, especially if you end up in some mud. This season I've switched up my gear to a pair of Bates Cobra 8'' Hot Weather boots. After wearing these for the last 6 months, I must tell you that they are worth every penny. There's no doubt that if these boots are tough enough for combat, they're definitely tough enough for warm weather hunting.

Even though the Cobra series boots are extremely lightweight, there is absolutely zero weakness on the exterior of this boot. The leather hide that wraps the outside is durable, water resistant and are easy to keep clean after a hunt. Equipped with a rubber/polyurethane sole, traction is never compromised when walking and this material is quite nice for treestand steps(you know I had to try it). Now, bear with me on my description of the inside of this boot, because it's so comfortable it's ridiculous. If walking on clouds is a legit way to describe something, than there you have it. Hiking in these boots is super plush, soft and yet supportive at the same time where you don't feel rocks or the terrain under your feet. Worn for 12 hours straight, these boots breathe really well and never fatigue your feet.

I don't know how else to say it other than these boots are without a doubt my new favorite warm climate hunting boots. Look no further and check out the full lineup from the team at Bates Footwear!

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