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Gearing Up For Deer Season 2016

How in the world is it already August?! When the first of the month rolled around last week, I knew that it was time to get my tail in gear and get working on pre-season scouting. Trust me when I say that it's never too late to get scouting for the season ahead-- any helpful information deer hunting is always better than no information.

Last Wednesday decided to take a much needed trip to my local Cabela's to load up on some pre-season gear. When it comes to getting the edge on late summer bucks and their travel patterns, I believe that it's crucial to use technology as much as possible and my plan for this year would be no different than the past. In an effort to quickly access bucks in the area, I broke out my Cuddeback, a new memory card and a couple of bags of BB2 from Big and J. If you haven't had a chance to check out BB2, you should because this stuff is ridiculous. Upon opening a new bag, the aroma of this stuff is super powerful, which is why it easily helps to draw in deer from the surrounding area in literally no time. In conjunction with the granular form of BB2, I also added a Cube of BB2 along with it. Great thing about the Cube is that it will hold up longer in front of the camera if you can't make it to your spot constantly.

Looking forward to checking my Cuddeback this weekend and seeing what's on the memory card. Stay tuned this season!

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