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Why Hang On Stands Have Come Such a Long Way

The first treestand that I ever owned was a hang-on stand. It came in a box with roughly 30 parts, terrible directions and when assembled, weighed about 30 pounds. The seat was nothing more than a piece of fabric stretched tightly between two pieces of foam at either end. Its platform was small and didn’t allow for much movement at all, should you ever feel like standing. Fortunately, these stands are the great-grandparents of todays lightweight, easy to assemble and comfortable stands.

Todays hang-on stands are nearly just as popular as any climber on the market, as companies have re-tuned the way that they’re manufactured in order to provide the hunter with a lightweight system that can be hung and hunted the same day. Muddy Outdoors is a prime example of a company that engineers extremely rugged stands that are lightweight and fast to hang. The increasing amount of portability make these stands much more attractive than they used to be. Keep in mind that hunters who use hang on’s can virtually setup in any tree out there vs. finding a perfectly straight tree without any limbs for a climbing stand.

One of the newest hangers to hit the market is the Muddy Hunter. Weighing in at just 15 pounds, this stand is easy to pack in with a set of steps, hang in a matter of minutes and hunt the same day. This particular stand is like many that Muddy offers with an adjustable platform and seat angle. Just having these two features alone allows for endless amounts of new stand sets and a much more comfortable hunt. Gone are the days of hanging your stand on a sloped tree and hoping that you don’t slip off. Check out some of Muddy’s stands here for more information!

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