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Trails End All Season Scent

Has anyone else noticed that just about every major outdoor store now has an entire isle dedicated to deer scent? Between the cardboard cut-out promo stands and the 190’’ deer that they have featured on package, it’s hard to not venture in to learn more. It’s no surprise that the major players in the scent game spend endless amounts of money on marketing and in-store promotions. They spend so much money that little mom and pop makers of quality scents can’t afford to have any shelf space in the big stores.

In September, I was on my usual hunt before the hunt for a new scent. I was looking for a brand that almost wasn’t a brand, something priced right and something that didn’t have flashy packaging. That days search lead me to a local sporting goods store and shooting range literally 15 minutes from my home. You know this kind of place, they sell a little bit of everything and don’t waste anyones time on the fancy items. This is the place where I found the only bottle of scent that I would give a chance to this year, Trails End, by Wildlife Research Center.

The first thing that caught my eye was the “money back guarantee” right on the front of the package. I thought to myself “if they’re willing to be that confident in the product, then I want some of it”. The nice thing about this bottle of scent is that it’s an all-season scent, unlike some of the pre-rut, rut and post-rut competitors. Sticking with one scent during the season makes things simple and much more cost effective.

This particular brand has a consistency somewhere between gel and maple syrup, which helps when applying to different types of applicators and wicks. Unlike other brands of scent, Wildlife Research Center includes natural oils from plants within their potent formula. For $18 bucks for the larger sized bottle, this stuff provides a lot of quality product for the price, I highly suggest it! I was able to take this great nine pointer with the help of this product in November!

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