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Flextone Bone Collector Grunt Call

Now that I think about it, over the years I’ve own about 12 different grunt tubes. Most of them with wooden and plastic tubes. It wasn’t until my last one fell apart(literally), when I realized how important it is to keep a good one in your pack. So, that afternoon, I went out and picked up a Flextone. It’s a lightweight call, yet extremely sturdy in design. As with all of the Flextone calls, they’re made to last and made from high quality materials. Besides this call looking pretty cool, the end of the call is made to resemble an antler(points in my book). But let’s get down to what really matters, sound. Flextone let’s the hunter control the pitch of the grunt/bleat by pressing down on the soft tube. This is a great feature when compared to older style grunt tubes, where you would have to disassemble and slide a rubber band to produce a new sound. Way to go Flextone! On the underside of the same tube is a slot to blow a snort-wheeze, an added feature that comes always comes in handy. To sum it all up, this is something I don’t leave behind and know will last for seasons to come. A brilliant product to keep with you this year.

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