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Benchmade Sequel

One of the most important tools that any outdoorsman can posses is a reliable knife. In the field, there are countless circumstances when using a knife is necessary. Though each one of us has a different application for our knives, one thing remains the same. Your knife must be sharp, reliable and tough. Since 1988, Benchmade has been constructing some of the best knives on the market and the Sequel 707 is just another perfect example of superb quality and construction.

The Sequel is a great knife for both daily carry, as well as a carrying out into the field. With a blade length just shy of 3 inches, the Sequel won’t take up much space in your pocket or your pack. Like all Benchmade products, the type of blade material chosen adequately fits the type of applications this knife will see in its lifetime. This particular blade is honed from 154CM stainless steel, which has a fantastic reputation for being extremely rugged and holding a sharp edge. Depending on what you might need it for, this blade is offered in a either a plain edge or a serrated/plain edge (above).

Aside from a machined aluminum handle, which helps with both weight and durability, the Sequel’s locking mechanism is pretty unique. The Benchmade Axis lock is one of the smoothest and easy to use blade locks out there today. This system utilizes a bar and two springs which slide with the blade to engage the tang to lock in the open position. Very reliable operation for either a left or right handed user. Once open, there is simply no play between the handle and the blade, it is 100% locked open for use. Closing the blade is just as simple, merely slide the button backwards and fold the blade in, that’s it.

Overall, this knife is a great light weight carry that can be utilized for a wide array of jobs. From opening up boxes to dressing and skinning game, this blade will not let you down. It is extremely well balanced, yet it doesn’t give you the impression for one minute that it will breakdown in some way. As with all Benchmade products, feel free to send it back to them to sharpen at any point during it’s lifespan, their happy to sharpen free of charge and get it right back to you.

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