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No Gimmicks Here, Just 100% Fresh Buck Urine Delivered to Your Door.

It was probably about 2 years ago when I sat down and wrote a piece on how in-store scent displays are not only just getting out of hand, but they’re also seriously influencing what you end up buying before the season. In the moment it’s really difficult to turn your head away from that big buck and his cardboard cutout standing in the middle of the aisle. I mean, you literally have to walk by him as he stares you down in the middle of your local outdoor store. Though, I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t ever a victim of the brilliant marketing campaigns that swarm the hunting aisles at the end of each summer right as you start getting pumped up for deer season. Yet, when you look past the creative pop-ups and cutouts, how many of us are actually taking the time to read up about the product, the company or where and how it’s made? It’s no secret that many of the buck lures on the market are a blended formula, consisting of different bucks, does and whatever other ingredients necessary to bottle and hold on the shelf for a seasons worth of use. Though a few companies do claim to bottle based on an individual deer, there’s really no way to ensure that you're getting the same deer each time you make a purchase.

A few weeks back I came across a company that really caught my attention and it wasn’t due to a major ad or cutout in a hunting store. It was all due to the fact that the bottle had 100% pure on the outside and then the name of an individual buck. Having not seen anything like it before, I decided to do a little bit more research on the company. Pure Whitetail is everything that a whitetail scent company should be and then some. Based out of Ohio, the company is owned and operated by a group of diehard deer hunters that devote every ounce of energy into producing simply outstanding products and it shows. From mature buck urine, to premium doe estrus, all of Pure Whitetail's products are not only individually bottled, they're also from state certified CWD-free deer.

What makes this company stand apart from the rest is the fact that you can scroll through their website and choose a specific buck that you want to use in your hunting area. This is an absolutely incredible benefit. If you want “Tank”, just let them know and they’ll ship you that exact deer’s urine, right to your doorstep. This stuff is so genuine that you will need to keep it in the fridge between uses-- make some room beer drawer! Not only does this method allow for consistency, it also lets you switch between different buck scents should one work better than another in your area.

pure whitetail, deer hunting

My experience with Pure Whitetail’s products thus far has been overly positive and I’m really thrilled with their lineup. As many of you know, I hunt a parcel of land in central Texas that has some truly diverse terrain. Rocky ridges, cedar bottoms and steep, almost desert looking hillsides make up this vast landscape. To put this product through an honest test where a buck wouldn't just happen to walk by coincidentally for a photo-op, I took a long hike one afternoon and got way back off the beaten path. This area was in a zone where I haven’t seen had any normal buck travel over the last 3 years that I’ve been hunting it. After making a mock scrape on the ground, setting out on of Pure Whitetail's scent “caterpillars”(which are awesome by the way and another review will be coming soon!) and dosing it with a little "Tank" juice, I set a trail cam and gave it a couple days before checking. Lo and behold, the first picture on the camera was a group of 4 bucks (3 pictured below) that traveled to this remote area crossing right under where I hung the scent. Outstanding for only being hung for 2 days in a zone where these bucks haven’t been seen before! This product is absolutely the real deal and given how transparent they are about the name of the deer and the process, I’m not sure how it could get any better than it already is. Given the results, I'll definitely be using this product throughout the pre-season on several mock scrapes and will continue usage during bow and gun season.

Be sure to check them out online at, tremendous products and gear by an awesome team!

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