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The day that I took my first deer was the day that I knew that hunting wasn't a hobby, it was a way of life. From that moment onward I've made it a purpose to devote every ounce of time learning more about hunting game across the country.


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Mike Reeber

My outdoor adventures started back in the hardwood ridges of the northeast back in the early 90's. For the most part I hunted deer and turkey, with the occasional squirrel hunt sprinkled in along the way. It didn't take me long to realize that hunting wasn't just a weekend activity, it was in my blood and something that I couldn't live without. As the seasons rolled by, I began to expand what I hunted and eventually relocated to Texas where doing something hunting related is part of my daily routine. This site is home to my adventures, links to my favorite wild game recipes and thoughts on today's pressing topics within the hunting community.

October 1, 2016

This photo made me think of a situation that I faced a few seasons ago that's a good reminder to keep your bow close by at all times.

I was hunting the hardwood ridges of Otsego County, New York about 5 seasons ago on a good crisp day during the pre-rut when I encountered one of the biggest bucks I've ever seen on stand. It was one of those perfectly crisp days in early November where the weather was really cooperating with that weeks hunting schedule. Though the weather was looking good, movement wasn't quite for what I had hoped for and after coming off a couple of days with slow deer movement, I was hardly optimistic on what I'd see this afternoon.

After getting to the area where I wanted to hang my climber that afternoon, I struggled to find a good tree that would breakup my outline 20 feet up. The area was on the corner of a ri...

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